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About Gente de I'itoi AC

“Gente de I’itoi” means people of I’itoi. I’itoi is a Tohono O’odham deity that watches over the O’odham and whose home is at a physical location held sacred by the Tohono O’odham.  When the people are in need, it is I’itoi who may provide solace and protection.

Gente de I’itoi, A.C. is a non-profit organization legally registered with the Secretaria de Hacienda of the Federal Mexican government in 2009. Gente de I’itoi, A.C. is an indigenous organization founded to assist traditional indigenous leaders and their communities in the self-development of their communities in Mexico. We work with O’odham and other indigenous including immigrant indigenous. Gente de I’itoi A.C. is not affiliated with any political party. It is an active participant in the National Indigenous Congress in Mexico. Gente de I’itoi A.C. supports international indigenous solidarity. 

Gente de I’itoi’s Junta Directiva / Board of Directors is made up of indigenous people, with technical assistance provided by non-indigenous who have substantial experience with indigenous development issues.  Our organization is based in Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico. Our Programs include:  indigenous health, community development, land preservation, culture and research.

Gente de I'itoi Board of Directors: 

Jose Garcia Lewis (Tohono O'odham)

Maria Garcia (Purèpeche)

Jose Gamez ________ (Pame)

Blake Gentry (Cherokee)

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