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Rights Advocacy

President Jose Garcia and Vice President Maria Garcia of the Gente de I’itoi, Board of Directors /Junta Directiva participated in and successfully advocated along with many traditional indigenous leaders in Sonora for the rights of indigenous in Sonora, with a particular focus on land rights and health rights. There are two major developments that came about after nearly eighteen years:

  • The Ley Indigena (indigenous law) was first recognized and its principles applied by former Sonoran Governor Bours. The creation of CAPIS (Comisión para la Atención De los Pueblos Indígenas de Sonora) commenced the practice of centralizing all funds from various government ministries into a single fund for distribution to recognized non-profit organizations that work with indigenous communities and to indigenous communities.
  • Subsequent advocacy demanded that the operational and programmatic principles of the executive branch in Sonora be passed into state law to amend the state constitution so that the practices of one executive administration were not a one time political fix. 

Actions Taken: 

  • Consultation on proposed language for the Ley Indigena in 2009.
  • Participated in a state wide march for indigenous rights in July, 2011.
  • Meeting with Secretaria de Salud regarding the policy of reporting TB to state officials. Requested and was granted permission to publicize state TB unit phone number in training video for health promoters to report cases if unable to access local clinics. Concerns were raised about inadequate coverage for immigrant indigenous communities. Fall, 2010.
  • Gente de I'itoi Board Members have collaborated with the CNI for two meetings, one in 2005 and the second, an international and border meeting in 2007. Both were held at  Rancho Peñasco outside of Magdalena, Sonora.

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